Friday, September 29, 2006

Ethics and Business in the 21st...

It has been two weeks since I lost a friend of mine that I had for what about, 5 years or so?

We had a BIG difference of opinion in regards to ethical conduct in business and to me the offense was more along the lines of fraud but apparently I may be guilty of being a "goodie two shoes".

There is absolutely no way that the fact you can obtain money doing something makes it legal!

Look at the prisons filled with people that were in the process of obtaining money one way or another. No wonder it is the root of all evil, or can be in my estimation because overall it really depends upon the persons character. A cheat is a cheat is a cheat. Cheating the company, cheating a friend, and cheating the public- isn't it the same?

As much as I want to talk to her it would only be a lecture that she would hang up on as would anyone else that feels that as long as nobody died, it's okay. The character I see in the real estate business and now also mortgage business is just that. Do you see any dead bodies? No. Well, there you have it, we ARE ethical.

You know what I say?

Just wait- the dead will be lining up because they will get angry, get even, get smart, whatever the truth once revealed results in it will not be pretty and it is only a matter of time. Where there's money, there's going to be crooks and there's going to be honest people too.

I would like to find a company that actively strives to be legal and fair with the public and the people associated with it and it has taken years. I have been close, very close, but it is not easy as anyone will tell you. Because even the government may prefer you lie unless they can gain something and then you will be heard only long enough to make their point.

What do you think?

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