Monday, October 02, 2006

No Heart in Scientology...

Is this news?

For anyone that didn't hear it before and didn't know it, then yes it is, and it is very important for you to know.

I last spoke to my sister in June 2002 because she is a Scientologist. She would like nothing more than to be known as someone that "saved the planet" irregardless of the cost and nonsense of that statement.

Scientology will not save the planet for the betterment of humanity. It may be counting one by one the number of lives that are under their control, but not the same thing. Through volunteer staff and some that get paid, one by one they are sucked into the machine, under the guise of helping people. Saving lives!

We can prove their intention is not to save the planet. Too many lives have been lost (deaths in Scientology) and relationships torn apart (disconnection in Scientology) to prove anything beyond the major cash flow and financial landscape that they have amassed on the backs of the largest influx of innocents as they found the guise to be so convincing to the general populations of the world.

Even the most loving partners and supportive family members will be cut off without reason. You will not be able to argue it because you do not have a voice. No matter what "you are wrong" and will be accused falsely without any regard to the proof of the truth.

You see, the bottom line is not how lives have been "saved" it's how much money have they saved. The staff knows this and yet believes that the money is put to good use. If you consider money spent to drive more people into the maze, and it is your purpose to amass other people's fortunes into Scientology then you will be revered by some people in that group.

But if you are tired of sleeping on a mattress infested with bedbugs, in a room of 14 women with one bathroom that is not available when you have food poisoning for the third time that week...or you actually love your family...perhaps you'd like to have a room with your husband instead of separate dorms...well you can stay and suffer or you can leave and suffer.

They will tell you the outside world is dangerous! I am here to tell you it isn't nearly as bad as being on the Scienotology staff and Sea Org. If you can handle that, the world out here is a breeze of fresh air and you will be saved!


  1. For a list of deaths in Scientology:

    And here I'll explain from the outside looking in about scientology's very hurtfull disconnection practice:

    I hope you're sister will one day see the light again and connects up with you.

    Best wishes,


  2. I feel for you and the suffering Scientology has inflicted on you.

    Luckily, more people leave Scientology than stay in it, so there is still hope.

  3. uh, is this really true? i'm not saying this because I doubt you. you sound very sincere. if that's the case then it's too much. i was never there long, but while i was there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

  4. Thanks for the comments and support. I have written more information on the site that has given me a lot of support and where I hope my experiences have helped to open the eyes of the innocent in the spiritual realm. Run! Don't walk from Dianetics and Scientology or you will lose your natural abilities from getting your spirit crushed in this suppressive group.