Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October Ramblings...

Send an email or...Missing friends and family is almost impossible in this day and age. With the internet it's easier than ever to stay in touch and yet we are way too busy these days!

I can call my sister at no charge back in Texas but due to the time change we would wake each other up. So what about email?

Certainly the next best thing to a phone call is the email or a family website in which everyone in the family could log in and add stuff. Make this your home page - LITERALLY! Using a blog set up you could leave notes for each other and extended family could stay in touch by adding comments to your site.

Where did I come from?
Last Friday it was five years since Mom died and I had the genealogy bug. Each year I have to reach out and find our family that is still in existence. On her side of the family the relatives are extremely distant. Growing up her brothers never visited our house and if my Dad didn't make sure we visited them, we would never have met. I am a little bitter that I have family (Provost) that do not keep in touch with family. Has society become so selfish that we don't have time for family anymore? I have one cousin by marriage that I am close to otherwise no one communicates anymore.

Upside! I found family on the internet and we share historical references in our family book. More to come on this!

There was a time when family ruled.
People married young and had lots of children.
They saw the whole family at holidays and special occasions.
They helped each other and built a reputation in their community.

Lack of marriage and family commitment we rule nothing.
The cost of living is so high we can't manage career and family so few children.
They moved away and now send a card once a year on a special occasion.
They help themselves and are silent in their community.

It's time to R-E-U-N-I-T-E!
Get back in touch and find your family, what's left of it and build on that to make the family strong again.

Would you do that please for our community?

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